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    Lean Transformation Model Reading List

    Desert Island Lean: Key Lean Books

    At the beginning of a New Year many of us define a list of things we want to accomplish over the next 12 months. Towards the end of 2014 two activities prompted me to think more deeply about what has been written on Lean. The first of these was some teaching I do on Lean as part of a masters program

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    Daniel Jones Discussing The Lean Transformation Model At The UK Lean Summit 2013

    What Lean Really is

    I was asked by a Professor the other day to summarise what lean really is all about for his academic colleagues, this is what I came up with. Does this match with your experience of Lean? I am curious to hear your reactions and comments.

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    Lean Principles

    What Makes Lean Work?

    Toyota’s lasting contribution to the practice of management is that it created a unique synthesis of three fundamental approaches to improvement — the analysis of quality and the use of the scientific method learnt from Shewhart and Deming...

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    Lean Summer Reading

    In the last year or two we have learnt more and more about what makes Toyota’s lean management system so successful. The emerging literature grows by the day and it is hard to keep up with it all. Someone asked me the other day what are the best books to read on lean management this summer.

    Making Hospitals Work

    Two years ago we organised the first Global Lean Healthcare Summit in Stratford. This was both an inspiring and sobering event. We all glimpsed the huge potential of lean to improve the working of healthcare and also began to realise how much hard work it would take to make this a reality.