UK Lean Summit Developing Lean Transformations David Brunt CEO Lean Enterprise Academy

Developing Lean Transformations

In January 2014, John Shook shared the Lean Transformation Framework – the framework that we have been developing to guide transformations with our partner companies, large and small, across a wide range of industries.

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8 Key Learning Sessions

UK Lean Summit 2014 - Lean Transformation: Practical Next Steps

We are very excited about our Lean Summit that takes place next week. For those that haven’t yet booked there are still a few places left to join 200 other Lean Thinkers. To see what you may miss out on and why you should participate here is a brief outline of the event.

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UK Lean Summit 2014 Chart Comparing Attendance In 2012 2013 And 2014

Who is Attending the 2014 UK Lean Summit?

With just three weeks until this year’s Lean Summit I’ve been looking through the 2014 delegate list to see who is attending. It looks like we will have a great international event. So far we have participants from 23 countries

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Learning from Applying Lean in IT

It is fair to say that over the last quarter of a century the term lean has spread to almost every sector. In the early days of implementation the manufacturing companies visiting Japan to see what Toyota was doing had a number of false starts or lessons learned

Deploying Policy

There is no doubt that Policy Deployment (or hoshin kanri) is an integral part of any lean implementation. It’s a management process that aligns - both vertically and horizontally - an organization’s functions and activities with its strategic objectives.

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