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Toyota Becoming a Mobility Company

Toyota is shifting towards a mobility company in this "once in a century period of profound transformation." In a message from President, Akio Toyoda, the company communicates that the automobile is on the verge of major change and that Toyota must adapt its business in line with the CASE era.

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Lean Supply Chains & Risk

Ensuring the safety of people during the Corona Virus is the most important issue, but it is also affecting business. Yesterday JCB, the UK maker of yellow diggers, announced it is cutting production and working hours at its UK factories as it faces component shortages from China.

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UK Lean Summit 2014 Daniel T Jones Beyond Legacy Assest And Mind Sets

Live report from UK Lean Summit 2014

Dan Jones – Beyond Legacy Assets and Mind-sets Here we are at the LEA Summit 2014, with 200 Lean practitioners keen to discuss, think and learn. The gathering provides a useful space to step outside of day to-day tactical concerns and consider more strategic questions about Lean.

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Changing Reasons for Going Lean

Two questions from very different perspectives illustrate how the reasons for going lean are changing.

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Supply Chain Walks

Dan Jones takes a walk through two complete supply chains. The first from vegetable grower through a consolidation warehouse to a Distribution Centre and then to a Tesco store. The second a virtual walk through the supply chains of an aerospace manufacturer. He reflects on the learning points.

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