Demand Analysis

Lean Transformation Model Workshops By Lean Enterprise Academy

Helping Individuals and Organisations Improve through Lean Thinking and Practice

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a little more about what’s new at the Lean Enterprise Academy. Firstly, my name is Darren Walsh and I’ll be taking the lead on the public workshop offering from the Lean Enterprise Academy

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Four Curses

It is amazing how we let our lives get sidetracked from the things we know we ought to be doing, by numbers that tell us to do the opposite.

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Supply Chain Walks

Dan Jones takes a walk through two complete supply chains. The first from vegetable grower through a consolidation warehouse to a Distribution Centre and then to a Tesco store. The second a virtual walk through the supply chains of an aerospace manufacturer. He reflects on the learning points.

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Leaper Thinking Wide

Is Lean So Hard?

A Managing Director of a small engineering firm was seeking help on his lean journey. After contacting his local university, one of the most prestigious in the country, they sent two postgraduate students to show him how to draw a Value Stream Map. However they stumbled when it came to what next.

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Value Stream Mapping Lean Leaper - Lean Enterprise Academy

Eliminating Failure Demand

Lean Thinkers never take the current state for granted. For example, rather than optimising the flow of products through a bottleneck process, they think hard about how to design right-sized equipment to insert in the value stream and eliminate the bottleneck.

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Lean Allies in the Office

Everywhere I go it is increasingly obvious that Lean principles cannot progress in operations alone. Once you begin to straighten out your physical flows you have to involve all the supporting processes in the offices.