• Managing to Learn
  • Understanding A3 Thinking
  • A3 Problem Solving for Healthcare
  • Managing to Learn

    John Shook


    Using the A3 management process to solve problems, gain agreement, mentor and lead

  • Understanding A3 Thinking

    Art Smalley and Durward K. Sobek II


    A Critical Component of Toyota's PDCA Management System

  • A3 Problem Solving for Healthcare

    Cindy Jimmerson


    Workbook teaching the A3 method using healthcare cases.

    Lean Learning Learning Lean Desert Island Lean Articles

    Learning Lean, Lean Learning - Desert Island Lean Articles

    Back in January 2015 I wrote a short article about my favourite Lean books. In the style of “Desert Island Discs”, the radio programme broadcast on BBC Radio 4, I selected the Lean books I’d take to be cast away on a desert island.

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    Learning Lean by Problem Solving Art Smalley Picture

    Learning Lean by Solving Problems

    Learning is fundamental to a successful Lean transformation. It should be both embedded into any Lean implementation (process) and be part of the outcomes (results). The theme for our 2016 Lean Summit is Lean Learning, Learning Lean.

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    Interview From The UK Lean Summit 2015 Christleton High School Logo (1)

    Interview from the UK Lean Summit 2015 - Christleton High School

    Toyota Lean Management Centre has been supporting the Lean transformation of Christleton High School, near Chester. In this interview for Planet Lean, Head of Student Services Sarah Williams discusses how the experiment started

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    Toyota Lean Management Centre

    Interview from the UK Lean Summit 2015 - Toyota Lean Management Centre

    Planet Lean editor Roberto Priolo sat down with Ian Hurst and Keith Edwards of the Toyota Lean Management Centre – who spoke at our Summit this past November – to discuss standardized work, and more.

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    Lean Transformation Framework Picture By The Lean Enterprise Academy

    UK Lean Summit 2015 - Lean Transformation: Developing the Capability to Improve the Work

    The theme for our 2015 Lean Summit is Lean Transformation: Developing the Capability to Improve the Work. This year we build upon the topic of Lean Transformation structuring the event around two key elements of our Lean Transformation Framework:

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    Lean Culture and Capability Development

    Anyone passionate about lean has first hand experience of its benefits, dramatically improving value creation for customers whilst reducing waste, errors and ultimately cost. Over dinner with a group charged with leading such a revolution in their organization I listened as a familiar story unfolded

    Helping Individuals and Organisations Improve through Lean Thinking and Practice

    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a little more about what’s new at the Lean Enterprise Academy. Firstly, my name is Darren Walsh and I’ll be taking the lead on the public workshop offering from the Lean Enterprise Academy

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