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  • Breaking Through To Flow
  • Value Stream Mapping Lean Leaper - Lean Enterprise Academy
  • Lean RFS
  • Breaking Through To Flow

    Ian Glenday


    Practical workbook to help move from batch to flow logic.

  • Value Stream Management

    As we emerge from the recession and look ahead old ways of thinking and action will not be enough to meet two big challenges ahead. The first challenge is the growing impact of the web in opening up the possibility of turning customers from strangers to partners.

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  • Lean RFS

    Ian Glenday and Rick Sather


    Repetitive Flexible Supply: Putting the Pieces Together

    H Weston Plus Sons Ltd Factory Floor And Cider Oak Barrels

    Lean Standardised Work Workshop on site at H Weston & Sons Ltd Cider Mill

    Improving the work is the work. Whilst many organizations have some sort of improvement activity many fall foul of the first of the 3 Common Pitfalls to Lean. Many organisations use the wrong improvement tools, at the wrong time, by the wrong people or are not using them effectively.

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    Lean Learning Learning Lean Desert Island Lean Articles

    Learning Lean, Lean Learning - Desert Island Lean Articles

    Back in January 2015 I wrote a short article about my favourite Lean books. In the style of “Desert Island Discs”, the radio programme broadcast on BBC Radio 4, I selected the Lean books I’d take to be cast away on a desert island.

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    Are You Being Served Learning To See Lean Right In Front Of You 365 Cafe

    Are you being served? Learning to See Lean right in front of you

    Lean Thinkers love to observe work – work that often goes un-noticed by everyone else! I’ve recently returned from our annual summer vacation. Inspired by the implementation of Lean at the 365 café, a chain of 55 bakeries and coffee shops in Barcelona

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    Learning Lean by Problem Solving Art Smalley Picture

    Learning Lean by Solving Problems

    Learning is fundamental to a successful Lean transformation. It should be both embedded into any Lean implementation (process) and be part of the outcomes (results). The theme for our 2016 Lean Summit is Lean Learning, Learning Lean.

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    Company Logos UK Lean Summit 2016 Learning Lean Lean Learning

    UK Lean Summit 2016: Learning Lean, Lean Learning - REGISTRATION NOW OPEN

    The theme for our UK Lean Summit 2016 is Lean Learning, Learning Lean. Learning is fundamental to a successful Lean transformation. It should be both embedded into any Lean implementation (process) and be part of the outcomes (results.)

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    UK Lean Summit 2015 - Lean Transformation: Developing Capability to Improve the Work - REGISTRATION NOW OPEN

    The theme for our 2015 Lean Summit is Lean Transformation – Developing the Capability to Improve the Work. This year we build upon the topic of Lean Transformation and have structured the event around the two key elements of our Lean Transformation Framework.

    Five Years into Lean

    Where should an organisation be five years into its lean journey? In my view it’s lean progress should be rewarded with a vision of how the organisation is going to use the new capabilities of their staff and their value streams to exploit new opportunities that competitors will struggle to follow.

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