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Welcome to our Lean Auto Retail page where you will find articles and case studies relating to our work in the Automotive Industry. We have delivered Lean transformations within the sales and aftersales departments of many dealerships by developiong their Lean management system using the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) method. If you are interested in starting a Lean journey with us do get in touch by emailing

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  • Toyota Dealership - Lean Enterprise Academy
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Creating Lean Dealers
  • Jaeger
  • The Benefits of Our Action Research with Auto Retail

    In 1998 Dan Jones asked a couple of his researchers to understand if and how Lean thinking can be applied to auto retail. Since then we have worked with car dealers on a variety of projects and now have a number of great cases that showcase the benefits of Lean outside traditional auto manufacturing

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  • Jumping to Solutions

    We are all guilty of one of the greatest sins with lean – not having the patience to really understand the problem we are trying to solve and then jumping to a solution that may or may not be the right way to solve this problem.

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  • Creating Lean Dealers

    Dave Brunt and John Kiff


    Applying lean to sales, service and repair activities. Not just for car dealers.

  • LEA partner Jæger Automobil wins Lean Prize Norway

    On Thursday 30th November at the Lean Forum Norway’s major annual conference The First National Lean Award was presented to Jæger Automobil. The idea behind Lean Award is to highlight the focus to the Lean philosophy of collaborative leadership and employee-driven innovation.

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    Lean At Ngami Halfway Botswana Photo Of Toyota Crossing River

    Lean at Ngami Halfway, Botswana

    At our 2015 UK Lean Summit, John Shook shared the Lean Transformation Framework. In one sense, the Lean Transformation Framework is an articulation of individual and organisational learning that has occurred across the Lean community, learning by reflecting on attempts to implement Lean.

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    Lean Learning Learning Lean Desert Island Lean Articles

    Learning Lean, Lean Learning - Desert Island Lean Articles

    Back in January 2015 I wrote a short article about my favourite Lean books. In the style of “Desert Island Discs”, the radio programme broadcast on BBC Radio 4, I selected the Lean books I’d take to be cast away on a desert island.

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    Learning Lean by Problem Solving Art Smalley Picture

    Learning Lean by Solving Problems

    Learning is fundamental to a successful Lean transformation. It should be both embedded into any Lean implementation (process) and be part of the outcomes (results). The theme for our 2016 Lean Summit is Lean Learning, Learning Lean.

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    Company Logos UK Lean Summit 2016 Learning Lean Lean Learning

    UK Lean Summit 2016: Learning Lean, Lean Learning - REGISTRATION NOW OPEN

    The theme for our UK Lean Summit 2016 is Lean Learning, Learning Lean. Learning is fundamental to a successful Lean transformation. It should be both embedded into any Lean implementation (process) and be part of the outcomes (results.)

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    Halfway Toyota Terry Odonoghue

    Terry O’Donoghue: from Toyota to car dealerships

    Planet Lean profiles Terry O’Donoghue, COO of South Africa car dealerships chain Halfway Toyota and one of the speakers at last year’s UK Lean Summit.

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    Lean in Sales - Can Lean be applied to Sales?

    Many attempts to implement Lean start by improving processes - mapping value streams in order to highlight waste and attempting to remove it. That's all well and good but there are limitations to such an approach.

    UK Lean Summit 2015 - Lean Transformation: Developing Capability to Improve the Work - REGISTRATION NOW OPEN

    The theme for our 2015 Lean Summit is Lean Transformation – Developing the Capability to Improve the Work. This year we build upon the topic of Lean Transformation and have structured the event around the two key elements of our Lean Transformation Framework.

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