Reflections on 25 Years of Lean

Jim Womack, John Shook and Daniel T Jones discuss the evolution and challenges facing the lean movement.
11 videos – 70 minutes of wisdom – interview arranged by LEI and the Gemba Academy


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Watch the full interview with the Lean Pioneers here:



 The videos sections are detailed below with the video length in brackets.

  1. Calling it Lean (4:57) 
  2. Value-Stream Mapping (9:37) 
  3. Lean Management Behavior (8:01) 
  4. Establishing Corporate Alignment (6:21)
  5. Lean Healthcare (12:28) 
  6. Lean Concepts for Government (9:07)
  7. Economic Stagnation (10:01)
  8. Lean Principles for NGOs (2:38)
  9. Learning from Lean Startups (9:45)
  10. Lean-Shoring, Off-Shoring, and Re-Shoring (4:42)
  11. Questions for a Successful Lean Transformation (4:05)

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